magic of love

Diary of Amy….How love can make someone glow so much that you begin to wonder if they were the same person…a very moody,sarcastic fellow suddenly began to grin from ear to ear,cheeks blushing every now and then,even taking special care of her appearance..hmmm..I
studied her for sometime when I noticed great changes in and around her,I kept wondering what could be the source of this great improved life..seriously her other mood puts me off and I was trying to see how I can reach out to her but nature hasn’t forgotten her afterall…on very close and tactful digging I found out that love came and knocked her off her feet..awww..what a relief.I was getting tired of seeing one face that can give kids convulsion…who said love is not a beautiful thing,who said its not magic discovered,looking at her now I feel so much excited..God’s gift of love to mankind has been made manifest one more time…if only we would stop abusing this L.O.V.E word…saying it not just to please the other person but because we mean it…Hmmmm…the Colours of love is yet to be painted because whenever it hits you,it comes with new meanings and ideas that you will want to erase the picture of it that you had before and paint anew one….love is an eternal blessing…Amy loves you …


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