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Today is not all about cuddling just that special Person.its a day to reach out to the world and let them feel the warmth of being part of something important.if you are privileged to have food,share with those who don’t have,give out without expecting anything in return.selfless service that is what love is all about.Happy Val to mine,yours and ours.Some folks live only because they know that someone cares for them without their own effort.a lot of people who are emotonally down will still want to hang on just by knowing how much we care about them,people loose hope when they feel that the world has abandoned them and most times what it takes to bring them back to life is amazingly the little ways that we acknowledge their something nice and remarkable for someone today,not because they all deserve it but because n10928984_891067694266328_1014341563491811512_nature responds to little kindness shown especially to thoose who cant repay you.