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MONALISA SMILE..(Introduction)

MONALISA SMILE..(Introduction).


MONALISA SMILE..(Introduction)

This is that smile that covers all your pains but does not take the pain away.its hidden from public knowledge yet crushes the spirit within.Most people carry this countenance and the clueless crowd does not understand the very agony beneath the surface.There are experiences that leave us with this kind of smile,some goes away with time while some dont.some you can forget when you make a few changes within and around you,some go on a soul searching trip to find a way to eliminate this situation and sometimes they succeed but the greater part dont.If you are lucky enough you will find that one person that will see beyond that smile,locate your pain and find a way to give you a better smile but it takes a very calculative mind to do that.Everyone is in a quest to out do the human race that almost no one has that time to look beyond looks.If you have gone through some huddles in life that just refused to disappear with time..follow this post,if you wish to understand how to be yourself again..join this train and if you are that someone who can be observant enough to see the pain behind the smile of just one person..come with me…NOW LET ME START FROM THE VERY BEGINNING..

Welcome to my worImageld..keep reading,commenting,liking and sharing..things can only get better.

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