It is very true that everyone falls short of people’s expectations every now and then,it is also true that people do take some eleventh our decisions that they never imagined they would ever take which makes them do things that surprises even themselves.It is a known fact that good people do wrong things at times and this only shows that people become weak once in a while.I can vividly say that all of us have let someone down at one point in this life’s journey.Some of these acts are not deliberate while some are well thought over before the action comes to life.It is so and will always be so because we all see situations differently.An act you put on your NOT- TO-DO- LIST could be a means to an end for some other person.At the end it all boils down to CHOICE!! CHOICE!!

While we are still feeding our ego,telling ourselves that we owe no one apology for some decisions we take,lets have it in mind that for every wrong step we take;someone is affected.Whether we like it or not some people have managed to trust us,love us,believe in us and even without our knowledge boasted with us at the expense of their own integrity.I can hear you asking..did i ask them to trust me?..of course you didn’t ask for it but the little things that you did right by them set you up for the trust tag.If only we know the lives we affect,we would make decisions with the best considerations we can afford.

And she said…”who cares?…after all they all hate me now that i disappointed them”.Really?…is that all you can think up in your brain.As for me it all depends on your attitude during the time of your shortcoming.The way people treat us in our days of weakness mostly depend on the attitude coming from our direction.The truth is we can make people care more as well as stop caring.when we trample on people’s feelings and still put up walls of defense to justify ourselves,we are indirectly chasing people further than they they are willing to go naturally.Feelings killed is hard to resurrect.Most times we hate to hear things contrary to what is in our mind concerning a particular issue but we must not forget that some advice from people who truly care is born out of love and concern.even if you don’t take the advice at least try not to use it against them.

When people care,cherish it.

When people care ,appreciate it.

When people care,value it.

When people care,respect it.

When people care,consider it.

When people care,notice.

When people care,reciprocate.

When they stop caring,you could fall and none will be available to catch you.Never take for granted the people who cares.




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