The best kind of love is the love that begins from within you and flows outside of you because none can really love others without first loving themselves.My name is love(you can add the grace if you like),i loved myself first so that i can love you better so don’t think me selfish for writing about me after all its my blog not yours..##wink##

I love every bit of me.My inner beauty of seeking peace with all men(yeah that is true),my physical beauty of great curves and natural endowment,my spiritual beauty of loving God and trying my best to fulfill his calling,My facial beauty of the most beautiful smile(yeah that is my greatest weapon and am sure you know it),my intellectual beauty of having one of the greatest photographic memory that can capture pictures and events in a magical way..Did you just say ‘SHE IS boastful and proud’..come on my dear if i don’t boast about myself ..who will?.

I love myself for being a child at heart,for never being serious and i really love my weakness of being dyspeptic or bad-tempered.when you add it all up you get me as your answer.So whenever i say that i love you or that you are wonderfully made,just don’t hesitate to believe me because i see you with the eyes with which i see yourself.You may not like me and its fine because i was not made to be liked by all and that is what makes you special too.

Let me not forget why i started writing this in the first place.I cant be all i am if i was not born in the fifth month of that year and on the 18th day precisely.It is one day my mum will never forget.(did i mention my pointed nose?the Indians envy me for that..lol).One thing you should know about me is that i love pampering myself as someone i know will always say.

It is therefore my pleasure to welcome myself and other may born into this month of our magnified glory.Keep loving yourself and others around you,keep appreciating yourself first and keep being you.Happy birthday to us all.much love from Amy…



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