When i was much younger,still in primary school,my elder brother had enrolled into secondary school so one day he taught me the definition of physical education thus..”physical education is an aspect of general education,which educates an individual through carefully selected and properly conducted physical activities”…the words were too big for me to understand yet i crammed everything and he made sure i recited it everyday till it became part of me. The day came when i finally became a student also,i was getting ready to unleash my knowledge on the first teacher that will introduce him/herself as my physical education tutor.The day came when one man came to class and said he will be taking us on the said subject.He wrote the subject on the board and turned to ask us..”can anyone define this for us..before he was done speaking i was already standing with pride..the sur67499_604617896214971_811184737_a

prised man asked me to go on and i opened my mouth to roll out the words i had learnt from my brother,at the end i was expecting a standing ovation but from the looks on the faces of my classmates,i had succeeded in confusing them the more.The teacher calmly asked me if i knew the meaning of what i said and my response was..NO..and sincerely i had no idea what i was saying..the teacher was so mad at me that i had to kneel down for a while on his instruction.He asked me where on earth i learnt that but i was not in the mood to say any other thing.Even i was more confused than the rest of the class.surprisingly enough the definition he gave us that day had no place in my head nor mind because the first one has enveloped my whole memory and still remains the only definition i can remember till date. I remembered this incident today and for the first time i truly understood his actions.I was clearly trying to teach my teacher because its possible even himself didn’t learn to define the subject that way and it would have been a let down…bottom-line..the mind of a child works like magnet,be careful of the message you are passing because it will go a long way with them…Amy is a lover of people,please stay alive…..



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