How can we solidify our relationships/marriages based on this meaningless words that flood our brains and journals. Its hard enough that most of our emotions are expressed through mobiles and all sought of electronic gadgets. we send short texts,pings,tweets,emails instead of taking a little time to hears our partners voice. the feelings we get from calls is quite different from that of texting which if often misunderstood because of English structures. we have exchanged important words with some stupid abbreviations….your partner says how they feel and these are what they get in return..
i love you……..me 2
i miss you…….me 2
you are important to me…..same here
take care of yourself…..u 2
honestly i don’t get it because i see it as words born out of unwishful compliance…as if we are forced to respond so as not to make out partner feel bad. its better to just say simple “thank you” if you don’t feel the same way. most people stay a whole day without actually talking on phone in the case of distance relationship,so why not take time to put those feelings in proper words than just writing all that u 2’s and me 2’s………i detest those words and it doesn’t matter if you think am not going with the flow of the moment but i will never use it for my partner……FEEL FREE TO SHARE THIS POSTImage


One thought on “I FEEL IT..I SAY IT

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