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Sometimes i wonder where people get so much nerves to judge others,funny enough those who make it their duty to place people on a scale are the ones whose faults ooze out like a dead rat. Ohhh these people watch your every move and read meanings to all your speeches and has a headline for any of your body language.they have so much negativity in them that they can never imagine the possibility of anyone living on the straight lane.they make it their duty to believe they know all the wrong things people do even when they are getting the whole picture wrong…haaa they will tell you when Martha switches boyfriends,when Ryan got fired because he tried chasing the boss’daughter when they don’t have a clue of the challenges Ryan has been going through that has made him dormant at work.when things change for good in the life of that neighbour,they give an update of how that man sold his them there must be a dark side to most things that happen.they make it their business to dig up people’s past.Civilization has thought us to mind our business but it doesn’t work for these set of people.they cant bear to over hear someone arguing over the phone without getting involved in the conversation even when they don’t know you.The annoying part is that they don’t care whether you need their opinion or not.they are the last to approach you and show sincere concern,if they talk to you its just because they need topic for the next day..Now try to talk about their own issues and you see them all angry and mad…hmm..really…you can talk about everyone else but you..TO BE CONTINUED…52805_162647133775058_489746_o

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Isn’t it funny how you can know someone all your life yet you’ve never been aIMG-20130410-01117ble to speak your mind in their presence.I wonder how people survive in such situations,I for one can not stay with someone that makes it hard for me to speak my mind either by their actions or character..I will definitely suffocate.Every where you go these conditions show up either among peers,in relationship and even in marriages…some partners can never tell you how they feel unless they are angry and in the heat of arguement or during fights they just throw the words at you unconciuosly..then maybe some people need to fight always if that’s the only way for them to voice out…but I would also say that its not the best way,this is why I never overlook things said to me in anger because there lies the bitter truth they never told you,sometimes it hurts but if you can look past the hurt and pay attention,you will surely find something useful to work with.some people will actually apologise later and tell you they don’t mean what the said but the truth still remains that those thoughts have been eating deep into them but they never had the courage of speaking up..others bottle-up things inside them maybe because they have tried speaking about it but was not given the slightest consideration ..hmmm this is dangerous. Sometimes when someone complains about a particular thing they don’t like to their patner,the partner picks offence and you hear things like “why are you complainong,I don’t even see anything wrong with this thing you are talking about”..seriously? Do you need to see it the way she does before it becomes an issue to her? Come on….if both of you see it the same way then it would never have come up on the complain list.forget how you see it for a moment and try to understand why it makes them uncomfortable,that way they will be free to speak their mind next time…bottom line….I’d you are going to be my friend and forbid me from speaking my mind sincerely.please keep your friendshipam better off without it…PLEASE STAY ALIVE..AMY LOVES YOU