PROUDLY MAY BORN (dedicated to all may born)

May oh my may, you are here again to brighten my life with colourful designs…to crown me with GRACE and MERCY..oh may ,divinely set aside to constantly remind me of Gods perfect creation that i am..on your wings you carry my multiplication and positive surprises..hmm..i wont trade you for Silver or Gold because you are Gods timing made are the month of children and children are the best gift of love God ever gave to man,the month of love..yet people wonder why i play like a child…the answer lies with May because am forever young at heart….WELCOME TO MAY…THE MONTH OF MY BIRTH……..MAY BABY ON POINT….like if you are a may born548149_382734201766349_70442168_n254328_289691641149417_1996306772_n298528_271732066182640_540226494_nIMG-20130410-01103417589_547384475301320_715934990_n56379_162646213775150_758234_obanga things


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