How do you feel when your partner is in the limelight,do you feel left behind?…its always a thing of concern for most couple when their partner is a public figure. Some one asked me yesterday why celebrities divorce a lot and i replied…MISMANAGEMENT OF FAME..someone stopped trusting and the other stopped believing. Some ladies loose their inner beauty on the platform of serving the public while some men put aside the bigger picture while on this same track..Its mostly a huge nightmare for some husbands to watch their once tender wife turn into a-serious-never-smiling-monster.He would have preferred marrying a military woman in the first place than seeing the soft woman turn into most-feared without any notice.Then the fight to regain his place as a man sets in and before you know it,things have gone beyond repair.Note that you dont correct people by competing with them,they will never understand.when the home is hot each of These partners seek friends outside whom they can talk to and depending on the person you are talking to,you might end up pouring fuel into an already burning fire.I suggest to whomsoever is the shining amour of the family to carry your partner along,share your glory together,the shame,the criticism,the success ,the special moments and the not so good times. Dont form to be too busy to be there for each other and dont exclude them from your activities because they dont know the details of your job;make them know even if they cant participate at-least the knowledge will help them feel as if they are part of whatever you are doing. Dont leave your partner at home when going to receive awards and oh-thou-partner dont pretend as if you are not interested and then resort to whining when he/she is not looking..TO BE CONTINUED…..AMY LOVES YOU303374_372300479459131_1454690679_n


4 thoughts on “LET’S GROW TOGETHER

  1. Sure but this future dreams come through when the both parties are of same figure…… especially when they have different professions……

  2. This is a great point many don’t know about. Some hear of it, think it, pretend to act it but, had never understood it…
    Money is not all you need in a healthy relationship. Respect and confidence in each can really break new grounds.

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