Its a beautiful thing to be young and though we cant stop ourselves from getting older but we can control the pace at which we grow old,Age is a thing of the mind,just numbers though most people would have preferred to have it stamped on their forehead for recognition purposes and to command respect but in the absence of the- forehead-age -stamp the never fail to mention it a million times in a very short conversation.while some people in other parts of the world go for anti-ageing cream to make it impossible for anyone to guess their real age,people in my humble Nigeria would rather go for age-announcing -cream.Try falling out with someone in a group and the next thing you will hear is..Do you know how old i am? As if i care…As far as am concerned i would prefer to relate with a kid who has common sense than a foolish adult..though growing older is not a crime and is also accepted except when it comes to a parent and their kids…parents will always want their kids to remain young in their eyes no matter your level and achievement..I once said i wont forgive whizkid for growing up too fast..Imaging..his age grade did not enjoy him at all and i bet he didn’328581_309723235734113_87556830_ot experience most childhood tricks because fame snatched him from his mother’s breast before he had the chance to take baby steps..though its a huge blessing but there is a little lost of touch.
No matter your stage in life please never loose touch with the child inside of you,it keeps you young within for a very long time…STAY YOUNG..AMY LOVES YOU


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