I have the urge to write about this because of some personal reasons,it might bless someone.In as much as everyone sings about it,the truth still remains that not everyone has the confidence to commit to anyone;Some people can be your friend as long as there is no commitment and its not common with any particular gender,its an individual thing. To some it means tying them down when they actually want to be free. Committing to someone means you are ready to share and compromise; it means you are very ready to drop ‘ME’ and take up ‘US’.It means you stop living for you and start living for another; this stage of life most times comes with so much panicking in the mind of those involved,worry sets in.There are some relationships that go on so well that even the married will envy them yet they refuse to get married.Fear of the unknown sets in and questions begin to run through their minds..”what if i don’t do well” as if they are going for a competition..If you have people like that around you,don’t judge them,don’t call them names. No matter how long you have been in a relationship with someone,don’t assume they want to marry you because you might be shocked when she turns down your proposal or when he doesn’t propose at all; For your information relationships are meant to be a learning field for everyone,you learn to accept other people the way they are,you learn to adjust in your own do’s and dont’s thereby meeting each other half-way and if along the line you find some things that you definitely cannot cope with,it shouldn’t make you see the other person as bad or be seen as bad because its just a matter of choice; you have the right not to marry such person but be matured enough to tell them what you feel and why you feel so,sometimes it helps the other person to work on their flaws.
If you find yourself always afraid of being committed to someone,this is what you should do
1: Do a check up on yourself to discover what your fears are.
2: Also try to remember what caused that fear in you
3: Confront your fears


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