ImageMothers have a special kind of bonding with their kids which is a great gift of love but what am going to talk about today is not that but the very selfish kind of love they show.Once a mother is always a mother whether its her biological child or not,mothers a created and equipped with this feeling for kids regardless whose child it is and any mother who fails in this is not truly cut out for motherhood and does not deserve a child from mother-nature.womanhood comes with the responsibility of caring for people be it old or young that’s why most husbands call their wives ‘mummy’..Now this brings me to my topic of today which is actually a question lingering in my heart for so long…WHY DO MOTHER’S PROTECT THEIR KIDS AND GIVE OTHER PEOPLES KIDS FOR THE SLAUGHTER?….This is a sin against humanity and the heavens.When it comes to life partner especially mothers tend to become very selfish and wicked..An African mum will want the best for their kids no matter their condition,whether divorced,disfigured,sick,or sane;every mother will want someone to put up with their kids inability put will never encourage their own kids to put up with another persons child’s inability..I know a mother that has divorced daughters with children and prayed day and night till God favoured them with another husbands and they remarried happily but totally refused one of her sons from marrying a girl dat has one kid..thats the kind of selfishness am talking about.You are busy asking God to take away your reproach and God offers you the same thing you want someone to help you carry and you tottally rejects it,now tell me how can He answer you when you cant do for others what you want God to do for you..The golden rule says..DO TO OTHERS WHAT YOU WANT GOD TO DO FOR YOU..You see?..when you see some families going through some certain things ,don’t pity them because God looks at the heart before answering prayers.I have come to notice that those who have problems that can make headlines are the first to pick out peoples problem.A woman is begging a young girl to put up with her son in his disability but will be the first to stop the relationship between any of her healthy children and someone with a minor challenge…hmmm..life doesn’t work like that..am not saying that parents should go about hooking up their kids with partners that have issues or that has a past..all am saying is that if your child decides to stay with that girl despite her ugly past or your daughter wants to marry that guy not minding his challenges,just let them be and pray for them because if that other person is yours,you will still want happiness for them..love others like you love your very own..NO MATTER WHAT HAPPENS PLEASE STAY ALIVE….AMY LOVES YOU  


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