Define your relationship with people at its early stage so as not to be trapped in something you never wanted which includes not placing too much demand on them.Most people assume exchange of gifts as a way to work on your mind and emotions.Some use it to seek for acceptance.My spiritual father BISHOP MAXWELL EGBE one said to discover the motive behind every gift and i have found this to be true.Gifts are supposed to brighten our lives and give our day a lift but people have made it impossible for that to be the case.Some people give you to control your mind,decisions and life as a whole,others give to feel good about themselves,while some give to in-debtImage you..most of these kinds of gifts leaves the receiver emotionally trapped and funny enough this is not attached to any gender but it is common when its done between opposite sex.Some of this gifts comes in different,job, accommodation and any other thing you can think of.There are still a few people out there who would give without asking anything in return but like i said ..few..Some relationships have turned into gift traps where one of them doesn’t have a choice but to remain in it wether its what they want or not simply because someone feels he or she has given you so much and so they keep asking you to do things even them cannot do because there cash or gift was able to buy you.Some of these givers ask for your mother’s head in a gold plate and you are torn between your emotions and your greed.Ask those who made friends because of gifts they got and they will tell you it isn’t that pleasant.Am not against accepting gifts because there are good people ready to share with you that which they have without taking your dignity from you but they are rare to find..Dont let people go extra miles for you if you are not ready to do the same.just let them know where you stand so they dont over expect from you and dont go demanding things from people who you dont want to be part of your life.Gifts can also be refused especially if you dont feel too comfortable about it as there’s no rule that says you must take the gift…..TO BE CONTINUED….AMY LOVES YOU


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