I have been wondering why drinks don’t taste good at home or does it? from my experience a very large number of people prefer to drink out than in their homes.Some say its the joy of the faces they see,the jokes,the gathering of strangers or could it just be for the freedom that comes with it.Being able to do things you don’t dare do at home,pass silly comments at attendants and sometimes get away with it under the headline ‘customers are always right’,could it be for business contacts and opportunities..i have heard some people say things like that.Some go as far as dodging their spouse to have a stolen moment with that girl young enough to be his daughter..oops..anyway that’s a topic for another day…….sincerely speaking not all men that visit the bar take women with them,i have seen some group of guys who just gather 4 to 5 times a week just to be men without having any female seeking for attention.they do just guys stuff and go home.the bar is an interesting place to be..you could learn a lot being a bartender either in a world class hotel,fast food,restaurant or road side buca,its all the same..just a matter of class.As far as am concerned weImagether you drink in the comfort of your home or at the bar,as long as it is alcohol,my dear friend you are not better than anyone…….TO BE CONTINUED


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