Is this what summer is all about,i dont know about your location but its not getting funny here and i was told its still at its earliest stage,it gets hotter and hotter.NA BY FORCE TO GO ABROAD OOO.No wonder everyone goes about with bottled water in their bags both male and female.More fruit shops opening at every corner;meanwhile if you must know fruit shops here dont just sell the fruits to you,they make fresh juice of your choice from your desired friut there and then in your presence,blending and mixing it all up to give you a fresh, chilled, natural juice to quench your taste(see advert) and its a new beautiful Imageexperience for me though i never tasted it..hmmm.but who knows someday i will…oops i was talking about the weather and am not finished yet; can someone tell me how long this skin burning exercise called summer will last because its scaring me already..i was thinking of inventing a mobile-pocket-friendly freezer to keep my water chilled on the go…incredible India indeed.. that’s what they proudly call this place… hmm…it is well



  1. There is lot more to come yet and of course it’s going to be really hot – that’s why in each house generally u would find an air-conditioner. It’s would go up to 45 degrees and u would get rest till early showers that is June. You would feel relief to hear that worst weather conditions are ahead and this is better as when monsoons hit humidity makes u mad. Try to stay indoors and travel more in the evenings – one more advise I see u struck by the wonders of the fresh juices but please see to it that the gud water and the higeine is followed strictly by the vendor or it can become a nightmare for ur stomach

    • that depends on when i ever decide to drink that…never tasted it….just like the idea of making the juice fresh and natural..well thanks for increasing my fear of the summer…

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