Have you ever loved someone or something without any particular reason? Even when you see better options,the greater part of you still goes out to that very thing that has captures your mind.The very reason why people dislike such place or person is the same reason you are attracted to overlook the ugly part and just believe that things can only get better;

In my own case its not a pet,person or is this very country called INDIA,I have loved it like forever..since i can remember and that feeling have not changed.My experience on getting here wasn’t as pleasant as i imagined;the fact being that the very large part of them are not open to strangers(foreigners) yet i try not to hate them for it,they act weird sometimes and i must say that some of their culture is rather confusing yet…it didn’t affect the way i feel about the country;i cant even eat their food because to me its too spicy,they live as if their whole life depends on spices yet…i don’t intend leaving any sooner;when i see some very dirty area, my mind will scan through the pictures of the beautiful places i have here and immediately i replace the dirty images before me with the nicest ones..If only they will improve on the way their locals treat foreigners.One thing i don’t get about this people is their willingness to discomfort themselves without feeling it.For instance,when riding the auto,the seat is designed to handle just 4 persons(though i wish it was just for 3)but as long as people show interest in entering that auto,they will continue to adjust themselves even if it means perching and parking themselves like sardine in can,they don’t mind as long as they get the next person to reach their destination,they will still pay the normal fare without seeing it as discomfort.What a life.Most times am so angry at them for being racist..yeah most of them are but in all i love this land. Now isn’tImageImage this the way we are supposed to express the word called LOVE..looking past faults and shortcomings to see the good we really want to see.Beauty they say is in the eyes of the beholder but i would say its not just in the eyes but in the mind because we can all look at the same picture but our minds will capture different images…Lets not talk love but live love..that is the beauty of life..AMY LOVES YOU


3 thoughts on “LOVE MADE ME WHOLE..

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  2. The most beautiful parts of India are yet to be discovered – I feel interaction with masses around are pretty much the same until you meet different classes of ppl around – to some life itself is discomfort so they generally don’t bother around – for them it’s a struggle to live and they are open to take on discomfort if it lands cheap to their pockets.

    The culture and caste o ppl make them act differently here – but more important thing is being courteous and helpful which comes with an individual not classified as Indian – there is a long way yet to go dear

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