see life

think you have seen life and all its garbbage?..wait until you step out of your comfort zone,when you are totally on your own…my dear you will be humbled.The hardest part is when you have people tagging along expecting so much from you.sometimes i its so hard deciding how to start your day,now this summer thing is begining to get on my i supposed to enjoy the hot day with this very loud noise gracing it and this wonderful sent-from-heaven dust that covers everywhere-you-go..the experience is worth it though.its been a great time for me having all new experience,learning new language,living among people that see life differently than i do,..hmmm..i love adventure and i wish to discover what makes this people so different because sincerely they are.variety makes the world go round…am ready to do this..maybe you too should try something new…get a new experience that will help improve you….Amy cares


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