Refuse to feel bad

what will someone do to you to make you feel bad..well that also depends on your ability to absorb the human fault and flaws.I want you to know that you can really refuse to get mad in the face of angry events.Imagine waking up in the morning and the first person you greet answers you as if he saw you in the dream chasing him/her with cutlass or something,if this persists,all you have to do is simply stop greeting them but don’t hate them..hating is not allowed in this business.keep it simple,stop noticing them and i bet you you will feel better.,My first day at the university went well as i didn’t notice any frowning face..oh maybe its because am a jolly-good-fellow…few weeks in school,i noticed this particular man in the computer room that doesn’t respond to my greetings,at first i thought he didn’t hear me so i took my time to observe and on one occasion someone actually asked him why he ignored my greeting and he just said..I DON’T WANT TO RESPOND…now i just knew that i have a client.. hmm..i love this kind of human because for the next few weeks he saw the side of me that will make sure i sit close to him and yet blind to his existence…i was really enjoying myself so much that one day i was having some issues with this computer that have refused to come on,he rushed to help me out but i told him not to worry that i can handle it and somehow i did…these days the reverse is the case.Only God knows what goes on in the head of this man but definitely he aint gonna rob it on me..i wont allow that… don’t allow anyone cage you in their insecure moments..its not a nice place to be…Amy loves for real


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