say this

SAY THIS: I will not stop loving because someone broke my heart. I will not stop believing because someone disappointed me. I will not kill my heart, my emotions, my power of dreams and my faith in people because of one or two people. The world is bigger than my ex or my former boss or my former best friend or the people who are currently in my life and are constantly hurting me. I will continue to drink though I choked on water sometime back, I will continue to drive though my car left me in the middle of nowhere, I will continue to look for a job, though I got fired once, I will continue to eat though I suffered from food poison…. – I will continue to believe in love….I will continue to believe in people, I will give my heart out freely and not hope it will be broken again…and when it gets broken again…I will treat it like any occurrence of life; pick myself up, dust my clothes and move on. Moving on I must…but with my heart intact…my emotions and my mind. God in this world where there are wolves in Sheep skins and demons in the form of light, guide my feet and put them in the way of peaceImage


2 thoughts on “say this

  1. I agree with you…. at times I meet people who would stop trusting once they are cheated… people who carry the attitude that we will take out the the car on the road when all the signals turn green….

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