diary of amy

Dairy of Amy….some yrs back I stumbled on a dairy..it belonged to one man (name withheld)..as I flipped through the pages I saw something that baffled me…Amy dis your eyes don see something ooo…d man wrote..3rd feb 1988…mercy ♍Ɣ wife(d woman I married wt ♍Ɣ money)starved me…she didn’t serve me dinner because simply because I got drunk and lost ♍Ɣ salary…15th feb..she insulted me and even extended it to ♍Ɣ own mother…inquisitive Amy was becoming interested..so I sat down on d nearest chair..I read on..today dated 2nd of march mercy bit ♍Ɣ left hand as we fought…I will never forgive her…I reported her to ♍Ɣ family and she was summoned..dis woman apologized to me b4 everyone but when we got back to town she locked me out..see drama make una see dis man ooo..Na̅a̶̲̥̅̊a̶̲̥̅̊ђ ♍Ɣ money you for take marry am?…unconsciously I said ..dis man is really hot-pant not a husband and mercy is a knife not a wife…can you imagine a man keeping records of offense..and d book is so big that I felt like sharing every page wt u guys but once in a while I will drop some…one tin that baffled me was that I didn’t see a page of wen mercy cooked ♍Ɣ meals..had ♍Ɣ child..washed ♍Ɣ clothes..etc..it was all offense offense offense..whats going on in peoples head sometimes..I wondered..did they wake up and saw themselves in d same house without their consent? I didn’t realize I was talking to myself aloud..when I looked up I noticed people staring at me..I smiled at them thinking they where admiring me…then someone said..Amy hope all is well….


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