diary of amy

Dairy of Amy….do you know that old people needs approval and L♥√ε also…thImageey compete wt d young ones in their subconscious but they may never say it…some days back I was talking to dis particular suited young man…and then dis old man walks in..he had JƱڪτ̲̅ gone through his round of body fitness exercise…he sat down and called me to come attend to him which I did..each time he sees me talk to d guy..he calls me and at a point he said..is that man toasting you..because I also have suit..if you see me dressed up in suit…I can imagine how handsome you will look” i said to him..his face lighted up..so I told him that he looked ƍƠ̴̴͡.̮Ơ̴̴̴͡ϑ even in his sports wear..and I gave him a pat on d back..I saw him come alive..and he said to me…please each time you see me here..be the one to attend to me..lol…I went over to d young man and whispered to him..don’t even try to compete wt that old man because you will loose…the young man laughed took his balance and left…I saw ♍Ɣ new friend glowing wt pride and walking tall as he was leaving….oh ♍Ɣ God…guys please dont flaunt your youthfulness b4 these old ones..sometimes they dont need your respect..they want you to treat them as one of you…I sat and smiled at d irony of life..pay a little attention to the old..dont call them mama and papa as if its written on their forehead…get a pet name to remind them that they still belong…I know why am saying dis…because if I grow old and catch you not calling me fine girl…let me not tell you what I will do……..


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