Diary of Amy

Dairy of amy…..I was smiling to myself as I tot of two people agreeing to share their lives together…d lafs,d fights,d L♥√ε,and d yarb me I yarb you..its amazing…you dnt hav to undastand it d way I do bcos I always se humour smhow in every situation…then d man said..for sometimes now..I search for u in most tins you wear..bt cant find you..bt today I saw you tru d eyes of ♍Ɣ hrt in dis particular dress wen u wore it..dats JƱڪτ̲̅ why I bt dis instead of ur choice…it was lik cold water was poured in d room…I cld only hear..little sobs and sniffing…unconciously I shouted..thanx baby…ahhhh amy..who invited you into dis state of emergency crisis…am realy crazyyyy sometimes….I remembered I was outside for sometin…so wen I turned……


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