Today is not all about cuddling just that special Person.its a day to reach out to the world and let them feel the warmth of being part of something important.if you are privileged to have food,share with those who don’t have,give out without expecting anything in return.selfless service that is what love is all about.Happy Val to mine,yours and ours.Some folks live only because they know that someone cares for them without their own effort.a lot of people who are emotonally down will still want to hang on just by knowing how much we care about them,people loose hope when they feel that the world has abandoned them and most times what it takes to bring them back to life is amazingly the little ways that we acknowledge their something nice and remarkable for someone today,not because they all deserve it but because n10928984_891067694266328_1014341563491811512_nature responds to little kindness shown especially to thoose who cant repay you.


MONALISA SMILE..(Introduction)

This is that smile that covers all your pains but does not take the pain away.its hidden from public knowledge yet crushes the spirit within.Most people carry this countenance and the clueless crowd does not understand the very agony beneath the surface.There are experiences that leave us with this kind of smile,some goes away with time while some dont.some you can forget when you make a few changes within and around you,some go on a soul searching trip to find a way to eliminate this situation and sometimes they succeed but the greater part dont.If you are lucky enough you will find that one person that will see beyond that smile,locate your pain and find a way to give you a better smile but it takes a very calculative mind to do that.Everyone is in a quest to out do the human race that almost no one has that time to look beyond looks.If you have gone through some huddles in life that just refused to disappear with time..follow this post,if you wish to understand how to be yourself again..join this train and if you are that someone who can be observant enough to see the pain behind the smile of just one person..come with me…NOW LET ME START FROM THE VERY BEGINNING..

Welcome to my worImageld..keep reading,commenting,liking and sharing..things can only get better.

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Most foreigners travel out of their country for exposure,more opportunities,change of environment and many more but my people Nigerians travel out solely to gather all the money in the world.From the day you step out of your house to the airport(whether the succeed in boarding the flight or not)as long as your local number is out of reach everyone around you start expecting money and things except for a few who understand,not to talk of when you actually calls with a foreign number to confirm you have arrived your destination.Families prepare themselves to live big at your expense,friends open their hands wide to grab as many as you can drop,even foes become friends automatically.So many people have been driven to the verge of desperation by demands of people back home simply because you live abroad.soon you become a very bad person and your friends accuse you of changing and forgetting them.I want to appeal to families and friends to stop pushing your children and friends to do unimaginable things just to please you.most of these people steal even from fellow Nigerians,defraud anyone that falls prey,gets into trouble,starve because of your unending demands.Even i had such mentality once that people abroad have enough money but i am telling you today that it is not boast too much with your kids abroad that they don’t want to fall short of your expectation so they do all things possible both good and bad to maintain that status you have built for them in your head.Not many have jobs and the ones that are lucky enough to have jobs could hardly get by with the income.Over here nothing is free.The word ‘dash’..meaning to give freely or get something for free..which is commonly used by our people does not exist have to pay your way through anything you have outside the country.Sometimes these people starve just to send something home so you can feel they are doing fine.Am not saying there are no good life and jobs abroad ..there are but not as we think.God still blesses his children abroad but people should stop pushing them to become desperate.The reason Nigerians have bad names abroad is because of Desperation caused by demands of people they left behind.these people need your prayers,support and understanding.sometimes they need money from you too(surprised?…yeah its true)too many broke people live abroad.Am fortunate to be blessed with great friends and family who follows me one day at a time with understanding and love but so many people dont have such people around them.Please save them the stress and high bp and allow them live a long life.NAMASTE……Image


It is very true that everyone falls short of people’s expectations every now and then,it is also true that people do take some eleventh our decisions that they never imagined they would ever take which makes them do things that surprises even themselves.It is a known fact that good people do wrong things at times and this only shows that people become weak once in a while.I can vividly say that all of us have let someone down at one point in this life’s journey.Some of these acts are not deliberate while some are well thought over before the action comes to life.It is so and will always be so because we all see situations differently.An act you put on your NOT- TO-DO- LIST could be a means to an end for some other person.At the end it all boils down to CHOICE!! CHOICE!!

While we are still feeding our ego,telling ourselves that we owe no one apology for some decisions we take,lets have it in mind that for every wrong step we take;someone is affected.Whether we like it or not some people have managed to trust us,love us,believe in us and even without our knowledge boasted with us at the expense of their own integrity.I can hear you asking..did i ask them to trust me?..of course you didn’t ask for it but the little things that you did right by them set you up for the trust tag.If only we know the lives we affect,we would make decisions with the best considerations we can afford.

And she said…”who cares?…after all they all hate me now that i disappointed them”.Really?…is that all you can think up in your brain.As for me it all depends on your attitude during the time of your shortcoming.The way people treat us in our days of weakness mostly depend on the attitude coming from our direction.The truth is we can make people care more as well as stop caring.when we trample on people’s feelings and still put up walls of defense to justify ourselves,we are indirectly chasing people further than they they are willing to go naturally.Feelings killed is hard to resurrect.Most times we hate to hear things contrary to what is in our mind concerning a particular issue but we must not forget that some advice from people who truly care is born out of love and concern.even if you don’t take the advice at least try not to use it against them.

When people care,cherish it.

When people care ,appreciate it.

When people care,value it.

When people care,respect it.

When people care,consider it.

When people care,notice.

When people care,reciprocate.

When they stop caring,you could fall and none will be available to catch you.Never take for granted the people who cares.



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The best kind of love is the love that begins from within you and flows outside of you because none can really love others without first loving themselves.My name is love(you can add the grace if you like),i loved myself first so that i can love you better so don’t think me selfish for writing about me after all its my blog not yours..##wink##

I love every bit of me.My inner beauty of seeking peace with all men(yeah that is true),my physical beauty of great curves and natural endowment,my spiritual beauty of loving God and trying my best to fulfill his calling,My facial beauty of the most beautiful smile(yeah that is my greatest weapon and am sure you know it),my intellectual beauty of having one of the greatest photographic memory that can capture pictures and events in a magical way..Did you just say ‘SHE IS boastful and proud’..come on my dear if i don’t boast about myself ..who will?.

I love myself for being a child at heart,for never being serious and i really love my weakness of being dyspeptic or bad-tempered.when you add it all up you get me as your answer.So whenever i say that i love you or that you are wonderfully made,just don’t hesitate to believe me because i see you with the eyes with which i see yourself.You may not like me and its fine because i was not made to be liked by all and that is what makes you special too.

Let me not forget why i started writing this in the first place.I cant be all i am if i was not born in the fifth month of that year and on the 18th day precisely.It is one day my mum will never forget.(did i mention my pointed nose?the Indians envy me for thing you should know about me is that i love pampering myself as someone i know will always say.

It is therefore my pleasure to welcome myself and other may born into this month of our magnified glory.Keep loving yourself and others around you,keep appreciating yourself first and keep being you.Happy birthday to us all.much love from Amy…


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